Ecluse de garde 25 Panneçot

Voie Verte du Canal du Nivernais, port de plaisance de Panneçot, 58290 Panneçot, France
Ecluse de garde 25 Panneçot is a minor waterways place on the Canal du Nivernais (Main Line) between Cercy-la-Tour (13.46 kilometres and 4 locks to the southwest) and Châtillon-en-Bazois (21.13 kilometres and 11 locks to the northwest).
The nearest place in the direction of Cercy-la-Tour is Pont a Pannecot; 0.02 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Châtillon-en-Bazois is Ecluse 24 Anizy; 1.31 kilometres away.

Mooring here is tolerable (it's just about possible if really necessary) .

This is a lock, the rise of which is not known.

The gates of this lock have the default state of being open at both ends.
Copyright: Peter Stockdale
Taken: 17 June 2018

Photo taken after we have passed through on to the section of the canal where the river aron enters.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence, see the terms of use

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Campsite with restaurant. All facilities (Sept 2014)
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