Quai du Canal, 45200 Montargis
Montargis is a city on the Canal de Briare between Briare - D'Orléans Jonction (Junction of Canal de Briare and Canal d'Orléans at Buges) (3.42 kilometres and 1 lock to the north) and Briare-Henri IV Junction (The Canal Henri IV and the Canal Latéral à la Loire unite to form The Canal de Briare) (51.53 kilometres and 30 locks to the south).
The nearest place in the direction of Briare - D'Orléans Jonction is Ecluse 35 de Langlée; 2.63 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Briare-Henri IV Junction is Ecluse 34 de la Reinette; 0.59 kilometres away.

There is no access to the towpath here.

Mooring here is excellent (this is a really good mooring) , mooring rings or bollards are available. Nice town with good shops. Mooring just upstream from the Pont du Québec

Facilities: water point and electric hook up.

The place is a Wharf.

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Population (2012): 14,490. Pralines were invented here in the sixteenth century by a cook of the Marshal du Plessis-Praslin.
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Montargis (French pronunciation: ​[mɔ̃taʁʒi]) is a commune in the Loiret department in north-central France on the Loing river. The town is located about 110 km (68 mi) south of Paris and 70 km (43 mi) east of Orléans in the Gâtinais.

Montargis is the second largest city in the Loiret, after Orléans. It is near a large forest, and contains light industry and farming, including saffron. Due to its numerous canals and bridges, Montargis sometimes bills itself as the "Venice of the Gâtinais." Though quite modern, it retains a medieval charm in its downtown area.

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French Restaurant
Specialty Grocery Store
  • Mazet confiseur
    43 rue général leclerc, Montargis, 45200 — 258 metres to the southeast.
Business Service
Public Garden
Public Service
  • Pôle emploi Montargis (Employment Agency)
    111 Rue Déportés et Internés de la Résistance, Montargis, 45200 — 1392 metres to the southeast.
Fast Food Restaurant
  • Quick Montargis (Community, Burger Restaurant)
    2, Rue du Port , Place du Pâtis, Montargis, 45200 — 116 metres to the north.
  • O Fast Food
    21 Rue Renee de France, Montargis, 45200 — 122 metres to the northeast.
Sports & Recreation
Hair Salon
  • Salon Johan Hair
    41 rue Renée de france, Montargis, 45200 — 81 metres to the northeast.
Dessert Shop
  • Les Fleurs Du blé
    67 rue du général leclerc, Montargis, 45200 — 177 metres to the southeast.
  • Ldhs Hyla Evolution
    12 rue du faubourg d’Orléans, Montargis, 45200 — 430 metres to the southwest.
Retail Company
Comic Bookstore
  • Manga & Co
    11 rue Girodet, Montargis, 45200 — 239 metres to the south.
  • Bar Le Cuba
    78 Rue du Général Leclerc, Montargis, 45200 — 87 metres to the south.
Religious Organization
  • Vie heureuse
    rue boulevar, Sèmè, 00229 — 562 metres to the southwest.
Mobile Phone Shop
  • C PHONE (Business Service)
    58 RUE DU GENERAL LECLERC, Montargis, 45200 — 132 metres to the southeast.
Tourist Information Center
Italian Restaurant
Chicken Joint
  • Le Churrasco
    39 Rue Renee de France, Montargis, 45200 — 96 metres to the northeast.
  • Montargis (Geo Entity)
    Montargis, 45200 — 553 metres to the east.
Landmark & Historical Place
Nail Salon
  • Beaute Rio Onglerie
    31 rue Renée de France, Montargis, 45200 — 103 metres to the northeast.
Insurance Agent
Tattoo & Piercing Shop
  • Gegene tattoo
    109 rue general leclerc, Montargis, 45200 — 87 metres to the south.
Local Business
  • Chabane Vive Jsk
    paris, Montargis, 45200 — 51 metres to the east.
  • Dermahalia
    61 rue coquillet centre d'activités st roch 45200 montargis, Montargis, 45200 — 251 metres to the southeast.
Travel Agency
  • Brossard Voyages
    Centre Commercial de la Chaussée, Montargis, 45200 — 251 metres to the southeast.
Event Planner
  • Marry Me Events
    9 rue Renée De France, Montargis, 45200 — 148 metres to the east.
Art Museum
  • Musée Girodet (Landmark & Historical Place)
    2 rue du Faubourg de la Chaussée, Montargis, 45200 — 533 metres to the southeast.
Community Organization
Arts & Entertainment
Nonprofit Organization
Real Estate
Movie Theater
  • AlTi Ciné Montargis (Travel Company)
    6, Rue du Port, Montargis, 45200 — 276 metres to the north.