Dunkirque - Bassin de Commerce

Quai de Front de M00f4le 1, 59140 Dunkirk, France
Dunkirque - Bassin de Commerce is a major waterways place at the junction of the Dunkirque - Basin Maritime with the Canal de Bourbourg (northern section) and the Canal de Furnes.
Dunkerque - Bassin de Mardyck (Start of Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut) is on the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut, 9 kilometres to the west. Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut - Bourbourg (northern section) Jonction (Junction of Canal de Bourbourg (northern section) and the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut) is on the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut, 10.30 kilometres and 2 locks to the southwest. Furnes - Bergues Jonction (Junction of Canal de Furnes and Canal de Bergues) is on the Canal de Furnes, 3.80 kilometres and 2 locks to the southeast.
The nearest place in the direction of Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut - Bourbourg (northern section) Jonction is Ecluse Magasin General; 0.59 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Furnes - Bergues Jonction is Ecluse Trystram; 0.78 kilometres away.

Mooring here is unrated


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Public Swimming Pool
  • Kilimanjaro (Restaurant)
    338 avenue de l'université, Dunkerque, 59140 — 127 metres to the southeast.
Consulting Agency
Social Club
  • Norzh'Avel
    220 Avenue de l'Université, Dunkerque, 59140 — 160 metres to the south.
Cargo & Freight Company
  • Dunkerque Port (Port, Marine)
    2505 ROUTE DE L’ECLUSE TRYSTRAM, Dunkerque, 59386 — 364 metres to the east.
Hotel Resort
Video Creator
Discount Store
  • Kid's Troc
    Dunkirk — 1102 metres to the southeast.
Community College
  • Manu Tatoo
    9bis rue de sechelle, Dunkirk, 59140 — 1057 metres to the southeast.
Film Director
  • Arlette Gruss officiel (Performance Art)
    Route du Quai Freycinet 3 Môle 1, Dunkirk, 59140 — 224 metres to the southwest.
Wedding Planning Service
Salad Bar
Landmark & Historical Place
  • Place Jean-Bart (Public Square Plaza)
    24 place Jean Bart, Dunkerque, 59140 — 754 metres to the southeast.
  • Mairie de Dunkerque
    Place Charles Valentin, Dunkerque, 59140 — 556 metres to the east.
  • Cannibales
    65 rue de l'Amiral Ronarch, Dunkerque, 59140 — 506 metres to the southeast.
  • The Brunch o'day
    53 place Jean-Bart, Dunkerque, 59140 — 742 metres to the southeast.
Automotive, Aircraft & Boat
Local Business
  • dunkerque emploi
    Port de Dunkerque - Zone Neptune, Dunkerque, 59140 — 986 metres to the northeast.
Arts & Entertainment
Nonprofit Organization
History Museum
Local Service
  • La Boutique (Footwear Store)
    Dunkerque, Dunkerque — 1036 metres to the north.
Movie Theater
  • Ociné Dunkerque
    Rue des fusiliers Marins, Dunkerque, 59140 — 638 metres to the south.
  • ANV COP21 Dunkerque (Non-Governmental Organization (NGO))
    1 rue de l'action non violente, Dunkirk — 1192 metres to the north.
Political Organization
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