Dunkirque - Bassin de Commerce

Dunkirque - Bassin de Commerce is a major waterways place at the junction of the Dunkirque - Basin Maritime with the Canal de Bourbourg (northern section) and the Canal de Furnes.
Dunkerque - Bassin de Mardyck (Start of Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut) is on the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut, 9 kilometres to the west. Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut - Bourbourg (northern section) Jonction (Junction of Canal de Bourbourg (northern section) and the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut) is on the Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut, 10.30 kilometres and 2 locks to the southwest. Furnes - Bergues Jonction (Junction of Canal de Furnes and Canal de Bergues) is on the Canal de Furnes, 3.80 kilometres and 2 locks to the southeast.
The nearest place in the direction of Liaison Dunkerque-Escaut - Bourbourg (northern section) Jonction is Ecluse Magasin General; 0.59 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Furnes - Bergues Jonction is Ecluse Trystram; 0.78 kilometres away.

Mooring here is unrated


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Public Swimming Pool
  • Mobalpa Dunkerque
    53 rue clémenceau, Dunkerque, 59140 — 543 metres to the southeast.
  • Kilimanjaro (Restaurant)
    338 avenue de l'université, Dunkerque, 59140 — 127 metres to the southeast.
  • Sekhmet
    105 Av. de l’Université (derrière FitnessBoutique), Dunkerque, 59140 — 204 metres to the south.
  • Rue de la Soif Dunkerque (Street, Brewery)
    Rue de lʼAmiral Ronarcʼh, Dunkerque, 59140 — 524 metres to the southeast.
  • Le Live dk
    4 rue du gouvernement, Dunkerque, 59140 — 270 metres to the south.
Family Style Restaurant
  • Le Puzzle
    6 quai de la Citadelle, Dunkerque, 59140 — 256 metres to the southeast.
Cultural Center
  • Halle aux sucres (Nonprofit Organization)
    Route Du Quai Freycinet 3, Dunkerque, 59140 — 264 metres to the southwest.
French Restaurant
  • LaCambuse Dunkerque
    25 Rue du Gouvernement, Dunkerque, 59140 — 187 metres to the southeast.
  • Au Bureau (Sports Bar, Pub, Modern European Restaurant, Irish Restaurant, Burger Restaurant, Gastropub)
    12, rue de l'Amiral Ronarc'h, Dunkerque, 59140 — 556 metres to the southeast.
Wine Bar
  • Au Dit Vin
    7 Quai de la Citadelle, Dunkirk, 59240 — 243 metres to the southeast.
Cargo & Freight Company
  • Dunkerque Port (Port, Marine)
    2505 ROUTE DE L’ECLUSE TRYSTRAM, Dunkerque, 59386 — 358 metres to the east.
Charity Organization
Community College
Shopping District
  • Dunkerque centre
    RUE CLEMENCEAU, Dunkirk, 59140 — 585 metres to the southeast.
Hotel Resort
  • aux maboules
    1 bis quai de la citadelle, Dunkerque, 59140 — 322 metres to the south.
Train Station
  • Gare de Dunkerque (Landmark & Historical Place)
    Place de la Gare, 59140 Dunkerque, Dunkerque, 59140 — 1011 metres to the south.
Travel Company
  • Dunkerque (Geo Entity)
    Dunkerque — 557 metres to the southeast.
  • Dunkirk, France (Geo Entity)
    Dunkirk — 1192 metres to the north.
  • Frac Grand Large (Art Museum, Nonprofit Organization)
    503 Avenue des Bancs de Flandres, Dunkerque, 59140 — 1037 metres to the northeast.
Landmark & Historical Place
Local Business
Performance Art Theatre
Community Museum
  • El Galeon (Landmark & Historical Place)
    Quai de la Fosse, Nantes, 44000 — 202 metres to the south.
  • Musée portuaire Dunkerque (Visual Arts)
    9 quai de la Citadelle, Dunkerque, 59140 — 269 metres to the southeast.
Arts & Entertainment
  • Dunkerque Beach (Monument)
    Dunkerque, 59140 — 1486 metres to the northeast.
History Museum
Trade School
  • Iscid-Co (College & University)
    280 avenue de l'Université, Dunkerque, 59140 — 135 metres to the southeast.
Sports & Recreation Venue
  • Iron Bodyfit
    79 rue des chaudronniers, Dunkerque, 59140 — 630 metres to the southeast.
Public & Government Service
Nonprofit Organization
Movie Theater
  • Ociné Dunkerque
    Rue des fusiliers Marins, Dunkerque, 59140 — 638 metres to the south.