Cathedral City of Note
Quai de l'Yonne, 89100 Sens, France
Sens is a city on the River Yonne between Seine - Yonne Jonction (Junction of Rivers Seine and Yonne at Montereau) (41.39 kilometres and 8 locks to the northwest) and Migennes (There is little in the way of convenient river moorings to access the town. However there are pleasant basin moorings just above the bottom lock on the Canal de Bourgogne ) (44.71 kilometres and 9 locks to the southeast).
The nearest place in the direction of Seine - Yonne Jonction is Kilometer Post No 67; 0.30 kilometres away.
The nearest place in the direction of Migennes is Pont de Sens; 0.08 kilometres away.

Mooring here is good (a nice place to moor) , mooring rings or bollards are available.

The place is a Place of Interest.

Magnificent west portal entrances to the cathedral
Copyright: Peter Stockdale
Taken: 7 September 2014

Difficult to show the scale here but a large normal size door can be seen open in the right side entrance.

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Sens (French pronunciation: ​[sɑ̃s]) is a commune in the Yonne department in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté in north-central France, 120 km from Paris.

Sens is a sub-prefecture and the second city of the department, the sixth in the region. It is crossed by the Yonne and the Vanne, which empties into the Yonne here.

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Catholic Church
  • Sens Cathedral (Landmark & Historical Place, Tour Agency)
    Sens, 89100 — 554 metres to the east.
Public Square Plaza
French Restaurant
Real Estate Service
Advertising Agency
Medical & Health
  • Np Spectacles
    14 rue du général Leclerc, Sens, 89100 — 572 metres to the northeast.
Consulting Agency
  • Groupe O.C. (Education)
    Sens — 1482 metres to the northeast.
Hair Salon
  • C'line Coiffure (Spa, Makeup Artist)
    6 Rue des Vieilles Étuves, Sens, 89100 — 156 metres to the northeast.
  • Camille Albane Sens
    20, Grande Rue, Sens, 89100 — 175 metres to the southeast.
  • L'atelier D'alexandre
    9, Grande Rue - 89100 SENS, Sens, 89100 — 127 metres to the southeast.
  • Carole Hair
    45 Grande rue, Sens, 89100 — 228 metres to the southeast.
Video Game Store
  • High Tech Clinic (Computer Store, Internet Service Provider, Telecommunication Company, Mobile Phone Shop)
    21 Avenue Lucien Cornet, Sens, 89100 — 157 metres to the west.
Sports & Recreation
  • Lundi Sport (Radio Station)
    50 rue thenard, Sens, 89100 — 946 metres to the northeast.
Real Estate Agent
  • Agence C-l'immo
    18 avenue Lucien Cornet, Sens, 89100 — 134 metres to the west.
Comic Bookstore
Shopping & Retail
  • Yers by Laurent
    Sens — 136 metres to the northwest.
  • Noisette
    50 Grande Rue, Sens, 89100 — 247 metres to the southeast.
Business Center
Train Station
  • Gare de Sens (Landmark & Historical Place)
    place François Mitterrand, 89100 Sens, Sens, 89100 — 637 metres to the west.
Clothing Store
  • MAéVA (Thrift & Consignment Store)
    47 Grande Rue, Sens, 89100 — 228 metres to the southeast.
News & Media Website
  • L'Yonne républicaine Sens (Broadcasting & Media Production Company)
    4 bis, rue de la République, Sens, 89100 — 609 metres to the southeast.
Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care
Automotive Glass Service
    12 Rue de Gravereau, Sens, 89100 — 1184 metres to the southeast.
Landmark & Historical Place
  • Chez Guy
    37 Grande Rue, Sens, 89100 — 193 metres to the southeast.
Automotive, Aircraft & Boat
  • Ap Cars
    22 avenue Lucien cornet, Sens, 89100 — 158 metres to the west.
Bridal Shop
  • L'atelier D'olga
    20 avenue Lucien Cornet, Sens, 89100 — 151 metres to the west.
Local Business
  • Minéral & Sens
    7 bis rue rigault, Sens, 89100 — 138 metres to the southeast.
Parking Garage Lot
Hobby Store
Employment Agency
  • 3&plus Interim
    10 bis Place des Héros, Sens, 89100 — 1067 metres to the east.
Nonprofit Organization
  • Floris
    26 Grande Rue, 89100 Sens, Sens, 89100 — 183 metres to the southeast.
Cleaning Service
  • Kiety Home Sens (Disability Service, ProductService)
    12 avenue Lucien Cornet, Sens, 89100 — 121 metres to the west.
MediaNews Company
Screen Printing & Embroidery
  • BB créa
    17 rue Alsace Lorraine, Sens, 89100 — 1125 metres to the east.
  • Petits formats (Video Game Store, GamesToys)
    19 grande rue, Sens, 89100 — 151 metres to the southeast.
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