Issues imported from the Google bug tracker

This page contains issues from before July 2015 when we migrated to an internal bug tracking system. In time the "open" issues will be triaged and annotated as one of: subsequently fixed; replaced by active issues in the internal bug tracker; or no-longer relevant.

Closed Issues

1 The URL doesn't point at the site at present!
2 Moon icon doesn't match text
3 Google icon on menu isn't big or colourful enough
4 Left hand side navigation panel misplaced
5 Can't change preferences
6 Major routing error
7 Quick-select of places doesn't work properly in Opera
8 No Intermediate places with Chrome
9 Quick select place not working with Chrome
10 Enter one-line summary
11 Incomplete itineraries
12 Mini-route tables not always correct
13 Large Maps break formatting
14 Gower Branch broken?
15 Icknield Port Road Wharf Loop
16 Routeing Error
17 Toatl time errors
18 Gazeteer call function?
19 Preferences page is missing boat length settings
20 Very strange distance in database
21 Plotting a particular route always results in a reversal of direction
22 Moving in the gazateer (only
23 Overlay of cell phone (particularly 3G data availability)
24 HR between Mooring score and comments not there until you refresh
25 Users' comments on mooring here
26 Background processor sometimes dies and doesn't get restarted
27 Marston Junction directions
28 Default locale information (distances at least) isn't being picked up
29 Log on and preferences in gazetteer
30 Some internal links go wrong with URL rewriting
31 Googlebot finds things it shouldn't and breaks things
32 Polyline generation is sometimes faulty
33 CSV or GPS output files
34 Sychronisation for photos doesn't complete
35 Journey Planner - wrong information for Limehouse Cut
36 No way to add 'comments' to Gazeteer entries?
37 Photo caption change doesn't affect index page
38 Incorrect summary of SUC Middlewhich branch
39 No day by day anchor hyperlinks
40 Can only specify whole number of hours per day
41 Missing joining information in waterways gazetteers
42 Photo upload failing (was "internal server error").
43 Internal Server Error on Place links in routes
44 Saved routes
45 Need to cope with Transfer-encoding: chunked
47 Photos in wrong place
48 Place order is alphabetic not sequential by location
49 Erewash Canal missing
50 Popular cruising rings
51 Cannot set percentage flexibility in furthest place
52 Addition of canals under restoration
54 Tildes in photo ids
55 Pling places in "furthest place"
56 api.cgi and auto-reporting of bugs
57 Poor spacing when button line wraps
58 Pressing enter in "end place" overwrites with first
59 Tab order on entry page
60 Using saved routes links from OLD version
61 Gazetteer description goes too far
62 Suggestion - search for nearby feature - incl. chandlery, boatyard, diesel, gas, pump out, water point etc
63 Bug in Ring journey generation
64 Route with zero locks offers alternative with less
65 Start-and-end date the same doesn't work properly
66 Overnight stops show on wrong canal
67 Quick search from gazetteer loses session
68 Editing of place names doesn't work
69 Some searches don't work well
70 Stray space in actb results causes place finder
71 Browse and confirm deleted photos
72 Part of the Thames is missing (between Marlow and Maidenhead)
73 Droitwich Canals data is poor
74 Distances of zero can appear in the database
75 Place copying button fails
76 Missing links in documentation
77 "No user comments" box turns into a circle
78 Sesssions get lost - including logged on sessions
79 Seaches aren't getting accented characters
80 Attempt to move a terminus dies
81 Internal seach doesn't work well with accented characters
82 High level google maps don't work
83 Google Maps for high level waterways dont display
84 River Great Ouse (Old West River) is not a seaway!
85 Missing space on the photo summary hover
86 Waterways on maps are too fat
87 High level waterways maps are too small by default
88 New photos over lap each other
89 Duplicated name in photo contib lst
90 How about Calulated route time and distrance appearing at the top of results page?
91 Can create waterways with no gauge
92 Place matching code is poor
93 Numeric photo records discrepency
94 Peter Irene Nicola Kelly Slight photo's are listed twice.
95 Database Error - Lock directions
96 Three of me, rod fox!
97 Export fails in Chrome
98 There are 2 entries for me as a photo contributor, both named John Howarth. Please merge into one entry.
99 Bridge is described as a village
100 Viewing individual images
101 Large numbers of thumbnails take an age to load
102 Photographer name merge required
103 Devizes Top Lock 50 is in fact 44.
104 CanalPlanAC Gazetteer tells me my browser is not location aware. It is.
106 Could not upload image to GU Aplsey Top Lock 65
108 Coul not upload second image
109 See above issue
110 Creating New Place
111 login failure
112 Prefernces page has no 'exit' button
113 Placename label incorrect - Railway to Liverpool Street Bridge No 46 - Regent's canal
114 Gazetteer loses log-on with set options
115 Log on problem. More info
116 Copyright info (low priority)
117 Absence of Map
118 Unable to set or change "speeds" options
119 Summary places need improvement
120 Add Place Page —- still no map
121 An APP for the I-Phone
122 Improving polylines
123 Strouwaqter and Thames & Severn
125 Drop down search doesn't work when typing stou
126 Username not known on new version
127 Visiting detailed photo page when logged on wth URL rewriting causes pop-up
128 New places submitted - genaral symbol failure on linear maps
129 Preferences can be lost - certainly when logged on
131 no locks on kennet and avon after lock 85
132 Wrong motorway listed for motorway bridge
133 Great hayward junction returns somewhere in the US. Great Hayward Junction is found (note capitals)
135 Spacing on sparse placefinder results is poor
136 Place Photos
137 Width of Shropshire Union
138 Photograph position on screen - Virtual cruise
139 Different route plan when changing boat length
140 Can't use the site at all since latest version installed in May 2010
141 Huddlesford Jct location
142 Short route output
143 Home Page crashes IE8
144 Lock Count Discepancy
145 Shrewley Tunnel not counted as a tunnel
146 Engine Arm (Handsworth Wharf) add 1 extra lock on BCN Old Line
147 Photo page numeric headers
148 Diglis Locks
149 Lapworth Lock No 25
150 Virtual Cruise piccy positions
151 Recently added photos feature
152 Comprehensive freeze after stage one
153 Incorrect Google Map Route
154 Photos
155 Fault breakdown of long routes
156 Faulty options page
157 Name Inconsistency
158 Lock symbols pointing in different directions - waterway and planning
159 What happened to the drag & drop option to correct the position of a feature in the embedded GoogleMap?
160 Return in gazetteer not working
161 Any attempt to create route lan crashes
162 Royal Armouries museum / Clarence dock
163 Creating a waterway can corrupt the database
164 Idea for TV transmitter info for places
165 Speeds on G&S at least
166 Issue 163 again ?
167 Navigable bodies of water
169 Two copies of a waterway
170 Spurious Message
171 When I us Liverpool link as destination it says ''can only take boats wide, and your boat is 7 feet wide'' & I have to turn off boat size preferences to make it plan the route
172 Need to be able to edit guage and dimensions for waterway in the edit details page
173 Spurious code after search box.
174 No line of route.
175 Export feature is broken
176 Incorrect boat length calculations for Wigan - Leeds??
177 Can't find way to save route
178 No quick search for waterways
179 Summary locks in waterway gazetteer not always right
180 Auto-fill selector or add breadcrumbs to move place
181 Old tag data in user comments
182 Non-default boat length crumples code
183 Wrong end point in text
184 Logged in list....?
186 Re-organise template files
187 Home Page index column has come adrift on IE.
188 Home Page- in IE daily photo blurb overlays daily recently added photos.
189 Can't set max navigable dimensions for waterway
190 Virtual cruise - stray captions
191 Map segments for places at waterway Junctions
192 Google map defunct on major changes feature
193 Photo contributors List - David Tunbridge
194 Canal in wrong place in gazeteer
195 No symbol on canal junction
196 Number of Overnights Incorrect
197 Login Remember Me feature disables login process
198 The Atty Family - Contributors Photo Totals
199 Wrong Photo at location
200 Issue 200 —- Waterway 400 - Crinan canal
202 Move Place
203 Symbol not availabe
204 Symbols and false places
205 Locks on the linear map for the Droitwich Canal are back to front.
206 Virtual Cruise - no go on I.E.
207 Section Report
208 Need to merge 2/3 accounts into one for photos
209 Section Report (2)
210 Suggestion: Northern Broads
211 Section Report (3)
212 Section Report (4)
213 Can create place names with spaces, and can't change double towpaths
214 Error in Coventry Canal locks
215 Error in Montgomery Canal Locks
216 Section roport (5)
217 Login facility defunct.
218 Units selection not reflected in planner output
219 Edit Details - Junction
220 Boat length/width
221 Photos not in my name on new Canalplan
222 Stray text in placefinder results
223 Weston missing from Gazetteer
224 Need to be able to change passwords and request reminders
225 Duplicate items in structure database
226 Section Report (6)
227 Contribution Place Detail changes facility defunct
228 Big photos don't always show correctly
229 Ability to move overnight stops in Itineraries
230 Section Report (7)
231 load/save journey issue
232 Section Report (8)
233 Trying to move a place marker
234 Place Types
235 Mystery Places Query - !0pad etc
236 Sign in - no password reminder/reset
237 Turn round points in Overnight stops
238 Deleted photos can appear on home page
239 Section Report (9)
240 Boundary between connected Montgomery and Northern unnavigable section is wrong
241 Addition of Service points to the canal plan
242 Search error.
243 New Places - River Weirs ?
244 Site Crash !
245 Edit error
246 Junction error
247 Section Report (10)
248 Adding a winding hole to a lock error
249 Viewing Error
250 Birmingham Canal Navigations (Old Main Line)
251 Just a few comments
252 Pay pal and search button
253 Server sent faulty response
254 Adding a place only shows the canal markers (prefix !)
255 Adding "marker" places - you can't then add from them
256 Can't add a Railway Swing bridge!
257 Can't add a staircase of more than 3 locks
258 Section Report (11)
259 Cruising Ring - missing intermediate point on London ring
260 What happened to the 'You can't wind here . . . nearest is xxxxxx' when you plan an out and back journey?
261 Towpath direction change
262 Section Report 12
263 Incorrect canal 'width' - GU Paddington Arm
264 Tidal river - Preference NEVER ignored in Journey Planner
265 Google Login doesn't work if you are on a gazetteer entry
266 River Nene
267 "new folder" entry
268 No correlation between place and route diagram
269 Area around Goole
270 Error on waterways selection
271 HTML Tag - typo?
272 Enhancement Request - Nearest Winding
273 Placefinder "try this" fails
274 Error when trying to delete a place
275 Section Report (13)
276 Sunrise and Sunset times are in server-local time
277 Missing marina on Trent & mersey near Great Haywood Junction
278 Need to be able to split and merge waterways
279 "move markers" function
280 Picadilly Bridge Photo Mystery
281 Malformed export
282 "move markers" function still not working
283 Missing symbols on newly created places
284 New place & Amend place contribution facility defunct
285 RSS Feed
286 Suggestion: Slideshow and/or 'Next-Previous' option when viewing photos of a location?
287 Login - remember me does not work
288 Marker place output
289 Gazetteer POI standard boilerplate text - gobbledegook?
290 Section Report 13
291 Issues for Nick
292 Cannot export routes near or on Aylesbury Armof GU canal
293 Missing Marina on Kennet and Avon
294 Incorrect total number of locks by type in route plan.
296 Is the server down?
297 Still can't connect to the home page
298 huddersfield narrow canal summit lock 32w shown in wrong direction
300 Missing new bridge
301 Marker Places
302 Error on River Bure
304 Photo licensing
305 River Bure line missing
306 Can't add an isolated place
307 Quotes in placenames
308 listtime and timeformat macros are identical
310 Section Report (13) - Norfolk Broads
311 Adding linear features
312 Markers move positions
313 Mileage calculation on Ashby canal
314 Quicksearch matching
316 Editing of quotes and historical events
321 Need ability to reopen closed waterways - including updating user records
322 Change internal timing unit
324 Overnight stop adjustment
325 Need daily and total maps
327 Selecting all of the level 2 grouping
328 My photos are no longer linked to my account
329 "index" photos fail in show user
331 Norfolk Broads (Oulton Dyke)
332 Error on logging in with Blogger
333 After entering start-end dates, the calculated route was 2 days short
334 Logging In with my Google account
336 'T' in captions
337 RPX login at Gazetteer loses location
338 Some places aren't really dead ends
339 Increase navigation distance
340 Addition to Issue 331
341 Can't add a place
342 Some pages (particularly parts of add place) don't have menus but are offset.
343 History of Marker Place !0u7g
344 Gazetteer Display Bug?
345 Section Report (13) - Witham Navigable Drains and Middle Level Navigations
346 Error when trying to add a marker
347 Route summary with different canals used named to get an overall view of route to choose
349 Need special icon for start and end
350 Info windows on route need more info
351 Date icons for route maps
352 route planner ignores daily travelling times
353 Symbols not updating
354 Burwell Lode and Reach Lode (River Cam)
355 New waterways not showing correctly
356 Changes to aqueduct names
357 Waterways gazetteer shows New Bedford River route for the Old West River
358 Map and Continue/virtual cruise buttons not appearing when in Table table
359 User contributed information
360 Two sets of Photos under my name
361 Put all editing functions on the menu/edit details page
362 Old Bedford River, wrong end of navigation
363 Easter Sunday shown on a Saturday
364 Zoom and drag mapsI
365 Planner gives distance Portland Basin to Stalybridge as 18 miles - Nicholson shows this as nearer 2 miles
366 Password reminders fail [see comment 3]
367 "Finish" icon is missing
368 River Humber
369 Multiple lock symbol
370 Reorganise Waterways
371 Reinstatement of .CSV format from previous versions
372 Missing Locks on River Wey Journey Planner
373 Problem merging accounts
374 Upper thames - mileages incorrect
375 Should list all joining waterways in the waterways gazetteer
376 Seamon's Moss Bridge No 29 - is a fixed bridge
377 Old Username
378 Grand Union Canal, Leicester Section, Watford Locks - incorrect lock count
379 Droitwich Canals now open
381 "Select what the bridge carries" won't change
382 New Graphics
383 Closely spaced tunnels give wrong graphics
384 Lock symbols not visible
385 Tunnel and Aqueduct information not sticky
386 Deinze is in the wrong place
387 Internal Server Error
388 Confusion in Itinerary
389 Continuing small fixed for graphics etc that aren't worth an issue each
390 Release versions out of sync (maybe)
391 Some junctions symbols have disappeared
392 Re-organising Waterways failed to work
393 Section Report (14)
394 Improve gazetteer linear maps for junctions
395 Changes in support of blogging
396 Have to log in every time using Chrome
397 Blank Gazetteer Map
398 Entirely browser based off-line version
399 The Court Jester?
401 Incorrect tunnle count
402 Browser support for new linear maps
404 Need to be able to get a tunnel to face the correct way
406 Reverse planning or destination planning.
407 New symbols required
408 Symbols have disappeared
410 validation of day length
411 add download/view button on PDF ready screen
413 Links to large picture fails in IE
414 Mystery Term ?
415 Marker places should show on gazetteer maps if turned on
416 Canal Line has disappeared
417 Automatic adjusting overnight stops to avoid lock flights, tidal waters etc
418 Mooring details for overnight stops
419 Wrong data for Droitwich Barge Canal Lock Numbers
420 add break in journey for day off boat
421 Bingley Five rise seems tobr
422 Oversize image
423 Trip summary data confused
425 Other users can't open link to my trip
426 'Remember login' doesn't work
427 Advertising
428 Target time percentages haywire in Farthest Place
429 Need to delete waterways
431 No escape from "furthest place"
432 Error when selecting "edit distances"
433 Home Page displays incorrectly on I.E.
434 Error when selecting Edit/Add on home page history
435 Derby & Sandiacre Canal
436 Photos not visible
437 Adding historical events not ideal
438 Adding waterways can breach data structure limits
439 Discussion button
440 Editing Place Title
441 Truncated symbol at lock/bridge
442 Mistakes on the Canal lateral à la Loire
443 Bulk Edit produces an error
444 My Error – Re Embranchement Decize.
445 Allow "all places" in exported route irrespective of detail level
446 Wigrams Turn Marina should be in the database.
447 Winding Hole Symbols show Junction
448 Symbol not displaying correctly
449 Systematic error in position references
450 Export options aren't sticky
451 Important Message
453 Stars dissapeared in list view
454 Strange link distances
455 Slow opening and high memory usage
456 How do I contact Nick ?
457 Photos not appearing in the index
458 Join Waterways
459 River Humber
460 Mooring in middle of Caen hill flight
461 Map Not Regenerating
462 Logged out when searching
463 Single to dual towpath
464 Section Report 15
465 Error when adding a marker place
466 All photo descriptions have spurious text
467 Dicussions not deleted
468 Wash crossing
469 Wash distances
470 Issues with The Wash
471 Schematic map Aqueduct symbol.
473 The Wash Wisbech to Boston
474 Furthest Place fails if start/end differ
475 Unable to merge multiple accounts
477 Auto trip reminders
478 Error when adding a marker place. The first place worked
479 bad timings - rounding down
480 bug in database re parkhead and blowers green locks
481 Needs to show nearest winding holes
482 Stroudwater Canal (part of the Cotswold Canals) wrongly named.
483 Can't delete minor w'way & place - need instructions not error
484 Discussions not deleted
486 Places without photos
487 Negative locks in furthest place winding discussion
488 Nice try – Shultzy !
489 Planning a route from Ellesmere Port Junction
490 Enhance distance formats for optional values
491 Canal Du Midi
492 Would be handy if you could specify overnight stops if you need to stop at a particular place also zoom facility on the map would be good
493 Mouse Wheel
494 Errors on Canal du Midi
495 Error in size conversions
496 Distance Posts dans la Continent
500 Wrong length restricion on Lancaster Canal
501 Pop-up error on furthest place return
502 Error on trying to route plan
503 Is it possible to save "hours per day" instead of entering it every session?
504 Places detail failure.
505 Can't add a Place
506 Overnight stop selection not working in Google Chrome
507 Problem with Site
508 When trying to plan a route, the screen clears leaving just the side bar
509 Unconnected waterways that cross
510 Intermediate Places Missing in Chrome
511 Waterway on list but problem
512 Symbol not displaying properly
513 Unable to delete Subtitle in [Edit place details]
514 Code page appearing
515 Lost password link does not work
516 Wardle Lock Branch
517 Going to options and back can lose places
518 Avoid repeating places isn't sticky
519 Photo Order in Places.
520 Combining accounts
521 Inability to plan two night or multiple night stops at one location
522 typo in "find nearest" link
523 Cannot add photo's despite logging in
524 Please add photos from other account
525 Stourport Water Point
526 Metric Please!
527 Incorrect Map - Oxford Canal (Northern Section)
528 Final Report
529 Duplicate menu item
530 Cruising Ring Errors
531 Info & Help
532 Can navigate beyond the end of the photos
533 Can't enter Intermediate Places in IE 8
534 Droitwich (Narrow) canal omitted
535 CSV output cumulative locks column is same as link locks output
536 Pewsey Moorings listed as 'Pewsey Moorings' (double spaces)
537 Accidently voted 1% for Murhill Quarry Moorings
538 New Photo Licences not displaying
539 French locks should be in the format "Ecluse 99 Name"
540 Planning options: location doesn't start keypad on iPad
541 Wrong number of locks
542 Recycling need - no facilities at bins provided at lock 78 Kintbury, leading to too much waste and litter.
543 Cannot add place
544 Total times don't equal does shown in body of table
545 River Charente, France
547 I voted wrongly as 1% for Ripon Baisin mooring, can you amend to 100%
549 Smart Phone App
551 Place position and Gazetteer Entry inconsistent,
553 Error on display of pictures
554 older photo's to be merged into new account
555 Lock lengths
556 Route Tewitfield to Liverpool only puts up BW stoppage list
557 scripting displayed instead of options to export a file
559 Marker places are appearing in output
560 Not able to calculate route
561 Not An Issue But A Question About How It Works.
563 Restriction times in planning
564 Save this as a new journey
565 Can CanalplanAC indicate right turn / left turn etc at junctions?
566 Problem with overnight stopping places
567 Strange numbers appearing in [ ]
568 Length of saved Itinerary has changed overnight
569 Oxford Canal, Buckby Bottom Lock, [stopping reason:flight - report this as a bug]
570 Suggested enhancement, "Apply" button for Options
571 Strange place names
572 Droitwich Canals
573 2 Invisible Locks between Bottreham Staircase Locks and Bridge No 43
575 Bridge 29 on the Llangollen canal
576 Wrong mileages
577 Itinerary pdf
578 Lock restrictions not included
579 Menu Options
580 Error when editing CDG Bridge 123
581 Lat, Long, "copy" box
582 Database screens appearing
585 "List stoppages" cannot be saved
586 Reversed tunnel symbol
587 Seemingly incorrect calculation of individual days
588 Merge Accounts
589 Home page recommending download of something unknown
590 New Crusing ring Burgundy
591 Northolt not Northalt
592 Description of stopping places on the Grand Union
593 Options - speeds - kilometres
597 Bug Alert when adding a place
598 Java Script Error
599 Delete waterway not working
600 Places and their History
601 Move map pointer not working
602 licoln railway bridge
603 New Visitor Moorings.
604 Would it be possible to upload photos from my iPhone or IPad?
605 Warning when day's cruising exceeds daylight hours available
606 BUG ALERT - Move map pointer not working
607 OS grid references get generated when they shouldn't
608 Pomona lock to Castlefield. Canal plan says three miles but its only 1 so all timings are about an hour out
609 Bug Alert - User comments not updating
610 Pictures
611 Move other databases into "data"
612 To Save a Route
613 virtual cruise not working, have tried on more than one pc so not the pc
614 Timeouts when busy
615 unable to view virtual cruise
616 Headings of Table output in wrong place
617 BUG Alert - Editing
618 BUG Alert - Editing Fatal Error
619 Message for Peter Gallon
621 Newark / King's Marina
622 Editing still not available
623 When I try to upload photos the fatal error message is appearing
624 Section of Montgomery Canal not displaying properly
625 Marker places appear to have junction symbols
626 Location Information doesn't reflect new place position
627 Aliance and Leicester now Santander
629 Photo Link paste does not work in emails.
631 Deleted photos don't do the right things
632 Route Saving
633 The image for Stokleys Bridge No 31 (Northamptonshire) is incorrect
634 Need to use hidden values for selectors to cope with translation
635 Addition of Cruising Rings
636 Internal Server Error
637 "Remember Me" not working again
638 PDF option button is not there
639 Phantom lock on the Stratford Canal
640 Add postcodes to user-defined CSV download
642 google has disabled use of Maps API for this application on my computer, no idea why
643 Alerting Posters
644 Incorrect Length Limit - Sowerby Bridge to Salterhebble Basin
645 Is the site off-line?
646 Bug Alert - User comments not updating
647 Logging in on gazetteer loses page
650 request to have location data for bridges available in spreadsheet format for download
651 Olympic Waterway
652 Adjusting overnight stops
653 Need to prevent aliases having leading spaces
654 missing information - boater operated swing bridges
655 Scaling error on Basingstoke Canal
657 Anderton Lift - time taken
658 Unable to change incorrect addresses
659 Restore portable version as download for situations when internet is not available. I found the earlier version usefull!
660 Allow Google Latitude users to use this form of geolocation
661 Nearest place on the waterways includes derilict canals
662 New Messaging System
663 Can't log in
665 Inserting new places inside structures
666 Can't see check box to amend over night stops
667 Cumulative locks not cumulating on canalplan csv extract
668 Break Tunnel or Aqueduct links
670 No map in output
671 Picking a cruising ring from an off-ring location throwing a server error
672 Login subsystem produces "faulty response" when not logged in at a structure
673 Can you add Sharpness to Bristol via Portishead as a option to the route planner
674 Exporting Data - link times
675 Bug: "move_id" has no format
677 If an alias starts with a capital L (or has a capital L early in the string) the letter is excised
678 Issues from new update
679 Can't delete symbol
681 Unknown address for PayPal
683 Locks missing from flights in features
684 Route Planner not suggesting expected route
685 On selecting "Save" info not being saved as default setting
687 Rushall flight has one too many locks
688 Why are the flight of locks at Gargrave not mentioned on a route from Skipton to Liverpool on L & L?
691 Problems with updates to maps
692 Selecting Home Mooring from list generates error - also home mooring not saving.
693 Two photo accounts:
694 Ellesmere Port in furthest place calculations.
695 Error in 'firstnight' - msg says to report bug.
697 i would like to be able to save a rout plan to 'my page'
699 Spreadsheet
700 Download to spreadsheets
701 Possible Bug
702 cumulative locks in export file not working
703 Table format output - totals do not line up with columns
704 Possible Bug(s)
705 Marker Places not behaving as expected.
706 Marker points and recent changes
707 Fuzziness of Photos
708 Bug - Pin manipulation has stopped working when adding places
709 Bug - Branch symbol not showing
711 "Intermediate Places" field no longer show up on main route editor page
712 Missing Intermediate places on Route Editor screen
714 Wrong satellite map location for Devizes wharf Wiltshire
715 Splitting waterways doesn't always work properly
716 Unattributed changes (such as a coordinate move) get attributed to "Ray"
718 Marker Place Deletions
719 Can't go from user photos to large photo
720 BUG - Lock Symbol not Generated
721 Charente - Distances wrong?
722 "Your Nearest Place" links are in old format
723 Titles on itinerary
724 Junction Icons are wrong
725 Fatal Error
726 Map not displaying
729 Discrepancy between total miles and difference between each point
730 Can't delete a message from "My Page"
732 find the nearest canal to a postcode
733 Failure to log in
734 Requested stops not available
735 Unable to delete messages
736 Marker Places in Features
737 Moveable bridges listed which do not exist
738 Red line through lock
739 Stourbridge Canal wrongly labelled as part of the BCN
740 CanalPlan thinks I'm in London!
741 Login not working at all
742 Home page doesn't know that I'm logged in
743 Bug - Editing picture data
744 BUG - Not yet implemented Error
745 Notification of New Stoppage
746 Creation of Multiple Marker Places
747 Browser crashes when scrolling through route
748 Home page, Login status and "New Stoppage" issues
749 BUG - Open/close menu bar stopped working
750 Error Creating Places
751 All options reset
752 Discrepency between Daily Total time and Journey total time on day 1
753 User defined start and end places don't feature in the wizard
754 BUG - Marker places not added to database
755 BUG - Can't add any new places
756 Overall map not regenerating
757 Saved journeys are empty
758 Bug - Creating Feature Information produces an error
759 Cannot reload saved routes
760 Hempstead Bridge Photo No6 appears also as Photo No5 when viewed individually but only as No 6 on index
761 Issue 760 not resolved
762 Overnight stops in wrong place
764 Adjust Stops Button fails
765 Cannot wind here
766 mixture of overnight stop and via, causes syntax error
767 Farmer's Bridge Top Lock No.1
768 Difference in timings
769 Place ID in CSV file
770 Editing a feature
771 server error 500
772 cannot add discussion
773 Waterways excluded from route planning
774 rochdale canal 91-84 closed???
775 Rooute from Hanbury Junction to Droitwich is given voa the River Severn
776 Some place names show up in the text as !0ubo
777 Unable to reverse exclusion
778 STOP!
779 Issues that are closed
780 BUG - error calculating daily distance with Miles and Yards
781 Segmentation Fault
782 Negative time in overnight stops
783 Northwich Town Swing Bridge not recognised
784 Google 'latitude' has been retired so your link is now invalid ....
785 Place names on gazetteer maps are breaking at spaces
786 BUG - No map in [add a new place]
787 Bad links in pdf exported route
788 Bug - Code showing
789 Bug - Centre map on pushpin not working correctly
790 Wide Beam... two suggestions/enhancement requests.
791 Journey map doesn't update in IE10
792 PDF output
793 Adding disconnected place - no marker pin
794 Re-organise waterways tree missing
795 Over-long embankment
797 Cooper Bridge Junction - can't wind?
798 Can lose new input places
800 Gazetteer error on River Stort
801 Bug - Places not shown
802 Wrong description
803 Suggestion - include "UK-only" option
804 Index Corrrupted
805 Honeystreet is shown as two words in database - should be one.
806 Add multiple og image tags per page
807 Can't join discussion: Chrome Browser
808 Unlisted Waterway
809 Repeated New Places - re Shultzy
810 Can't move boundary between canals.
811 Discussions for those having trouble on CP
812 Slow Loading of editing screens
813 Dr Dorothy Hyde claims to be the author of my photos! David Tunbridge
814 Change in type style on maps
815 More trouble on the Royal (:-(
816 Virtual Tour: why so many old photos when more recent ones are available?
817 KML and KMZ files for Google earth
818 Imputing Glitches (:-(
819 Edit / View option for logged in users
821 How to show distnces tab not working
822 The nearest place in the direction of ..........
823 Linear graphics for new places aren't being generated
824 Gazeteer photo problems
825 Marker Places
826 Further gazeteer photo problems
827 Home Page Menu Links.
828 Deletion of marker place
829 Rochdale Lock 66 being counted twice
830 A couple of bugs
831 BUG - Lock count not working
832 History [close] button doesn't work
833 All changes are attributed to "Dorothy"
834 [Logged on as] text disappears
835 A renaming action was not documented
836 Cancelling from a feature
837 Linear map symbols aren't generated when necessary
839 New Contributions/Recent Chages.
840 Recent Changes Date
841 Recent Changes Date
843 Newport branch data structure (was: Waterway Map incorrect)
844 Text in group of canals not editable
845 Can't create a new waterway
846 Load by key not working unless signed in
847 OS Map steals keyboard controls and keys such as _- + =
849 Bad URLs in PDFs
853 Waterway distance/lock info out of step with places
854 Lock Count Incorrect
855 Chester canal dimensions
856 Need to be able to exclude waterways/places from planning
857 Allow air draught and water draught to be used in boat size
858 Pinch points
859 Features should show on placefinder
861 Gazetteer strip maps not regenerating
862 Marker Places not Generating
863 Selecting Place causes a Time-out
864 Canal showing wrong strip-map
865 Malfored HTML on New Contributions page
866 Bug - Start and end places not shown
868 The Boat Listing
869 BUG - Error in Major Edit
870 BUG - Creating a new folder
871 Wong Gazetteer Entries
872 Assistance with the Help Pages
873 Errors when breaking waterways
874 no water point at stoke locks on trent and mersey
875 no water point at stoke bottom lock no 36 on trent and mersey
876 Links Feature not Working
877 Boat listing search does not work as expected
879 NOT FOUND in nearest
880 Fatal Error when moving a place
881 Login not refreshing page
882 Destination on route summary is rather random.
884 Logged on User list doesn't work
885 Typo on Adding and changing information page
886 Destination NOT FOUND when displaying valid route
887 Internal Server Error
888 Main Menu Anomaly
889 "Plan a route from here" not working
890 Co-ordinate search no longer works
892 Defect in routes involving Victoria park
894 Wrong "What" in New Contributions
895 Spelling Mistake in Statistics Page
896 "Your nearest place on the waterways" shows incorrect place.
897 Ordering of places on Severn-Trent
898 Wrong name on photo of Sheering Mill Lock
899 wrong info given for kings langley skew bridge 156,
900 Can't Save Photo Caption Change
901 Unable to delete temporary waterway
902 Mileage and lock discrepancy in route description
903 Cannot plan Parkhead Locks with Dudley Tunnel on exclusion list
904 Erroneous error message on routing.
905 Unable to break waterway
906 unable to add places
907 Strange Anomaly
909 Ashby canal apparently not connected
910 Rescale resolution of sent photographs
911 How Do I Add New Photos?
912 Data missing in winding information
913 I cannot delete received messages. I have tried Mark Read. Mark Read and Delete and Delete alone. I run an Apple Mac computer, could this have a bearing
914 BETA VERSION - Can't move a place
915 Moving across multiple markers
917 Would it be possible to show proximity of supermarkets for provisions
918 Furthest Place
919 no information will display under 'boat listings'
920 Wrong lock count - Sheffield to Rotherham
921 Edit Waterway produces error
922 Start place disappears from Route Editor
923 Time Delay on Updates?
924 Navigational Notes
925 Wolverhampton lock 16 - no water point at this location
926 No winding information shown in itineraries
927 "create detail" has no format.
928 Multiple Entries in Recent Discussions Page
929 ashby seems disjointed?
930 Deleting Reasons not Available
931 Distances from Hindford Bridge No 11 are wrong
932 Itinerary map for the Llangollen shows route down the Montgomery
934 New Edit Button Anomalies
935 Can have duplicate aliases - consider adding "areas"
936 Boat listing search by navigation authority
937 Improving accuracy of times on rivers
938 Middle Level Navigations (Whittlesey Dyke) between Whittlesey Bridge and Briggate Bend Footbridge
939 Reverts my chosen start and end points to Gayton Junction
940 Preferences will not save when logged in via Google
941 Jouney Plan with negative time
942 Deleted a Water point but still shows in nearby places
943 Some blog links are not handling / properly
944 Places from Facebook anomaly
945 background process doesn't provide details of images when a gd-jpeg error occurs:
946 Route options - Show locations on Google maps
949 Route planning from present position
950 Multiple drops of markers when moving a place cause the first to be stored
951 Winsford Bottom Flash is in wrong position on google maps
952 Map Regeneration
953 I can'tplan a route
954 Extra Home Page
955 Database Reset?
956 Consideration for boat type
957 Basingstoke canal is open
958 Mapping glitch – Ontario Bridge 205A
961 Can't modify ring route
962 [stopping reason:clash_struct_Y - report this as a bug].
963 Update data used by "find nearest" when an attribute is added or deleted from a place
964 Additional column on Export
965 BCN Old Main Line
966 intermediate places
967 bridge heights to be taken into account in route planner
968 Estimated time not realistic
969 Users not logged on and co-ordinate changes
970 Discussion Edit Button Disappeared
972 Failure to show overnight stops
973 Failure to duplicate overnight stops
974 Loading previously saved route changes default settings.
975 Incorrect lock count
976 Stray waypoints between Pyrford and Woodham
977 Stray waypoints between Pyrford and Woodham
979 Navigational Note Error
980 Unknown stopping code of "on"
981 Maximum Hight in tunnels
982 Error @ [River Dee Junction ]
983 Start and End dates 10th-31st on Android tablet
984 Miss calculates End Date
985 Error when opening [New Contributions]
986 Error loading Great Howard Street Bridge
988 Planner ignores Start Date
990 Headroom on Northampton Arm
991 Update PDF generator
994 Android and iOS version possibility?
996 Download file not working
997 public listings
999 River Saone Height and Depth Restrictions appear false.
1000 Unusable/incomplete PDF being created
1001 Unusable/damaged PDF download
1002 Cannot adjust overnight stopping places
1003 Can't edit Navigational Note
1004 Exported route has empty stopping places column
1005 Today's Home Page Picture
1006 FB / Google and other cached data
1007 Lake Huron (Eastern route), wrong listing
1008 Export to kml/kmz file
1009 Boat search
1011 Mon and Brec Locks the wrong way round
1015 Is the boat listing section ever going to be updated?
1016 Ashby Canal (un-restored and unconnected) included in furthest place search
1017 Update a Boats Details
1018 Moorings in France
1019 Fatal Error
1020 pdf downloads
1021 Session times out each search
1022 Planning problems
1023 Regenerating the Database
1024 Avoid Malicious Movement of Places - limit to logged-on users only
1025 Improve place entry: show waterways for places and recognise waterway names.
1028 unable to login
1029 Google log-in fails
1030 Wrong post code
1031 Planning routes using seaways by default
1032 Navigational Notes Issue
1033 Unable to produce pdf file of route
1034 Planning, starting current location, located with GPS
1035 Error when selecting [New Contributions]
1036 Is it possible to save a planned journey?
1037 Slipways
1038 Navigable Waterway Error
1043 Original Lancaster canal, top lock, Wigan
1045 Photos do not upload
1046 Fatal Error when adding a navigational note to a feature
1047 Hertford Union Canal Dimensions

Issues still open at time of transition but subsequently addressed in some way

53 Adding photos over midnight breaks Moved into new issue 447
105 Virtual cruise could link to places, have "add photo" and more information Moved into new issue 306
168 Moveable bridges that don't need to be moved Fixed under new issue 204
303 Add access to towpath to bridges - with sensible defaults see new issue 157
309 Thought - merge "calculate route" and "furthest place" Decided to take a different approach
400 Feature for links to other sites - places and waterways (like old "tags" section) This is now there as the "external links" feature
497 How about an android app!!!!! ie journey planner via a non iphone app!!!! This is an FAQ and an issue on the live system
648 Rare duplicates in "match" this does not seem to happen any more
656 Any plans to have a canal plan app? This is an FAQ and an issue on the live system
669 RSS with invalid XML I think I finally got rid of all the ways this can happen
676 Virtual tour: photos and maps don't fit along side Moved into new issue 306
682 Feature not found in quick search They don't appear as suggestions, but if entered you are taken there
717 Reporting parts of canals when route can't be planned As noted, went live shortly afterwards
731 Bug report: Gargrave on Leeds & Liverpool This appears to have been fixed
820 Enhance user messaging - needs a "sent items" or similar became new issue 216. Decided to keep user messaging simple so no action.
848 Need a way to have "areas" with the names of large towns and cities (eg Goole) Has since been implemented
851 Update to Font Awesome v4 has been done at some stage
860 Delete pngs transferred as new issue 247
947 differentiate between open and closed lift bridges see also 168 Fixed under new issue 204
987 background process stuck on one file This was fixed as part of new issue 80 .
989 Improving the "Load" function Was implemented in the way suggested
993 Journey not completed until 2 days after stated end date I've made so many changes to the code that this is now irrelevant (and probably fixed!).
1010 Place Location wildly out Improvements to range checking have fixed this - manual override now removed
1013 UK geograph pictures on non-UK place transfered as new issue 246 .
1014 Photo too large Fixed manually - looks like the result of a strange glitch
1040 allow user to specify a non cruising day - to allow visits to POI's covered by allowing pauses
1041 Droitwich Canal - now a through route - not recognised. Never bottomed out, and clearly working
1048 Reoccuring Error This got dealt with when the JSON parser was enhanced mid 2016 (ironically, to help parse this bug database).
1049 Most Incorrect Location I believe fixed in the postcode range checking new issue 101

Open Issues

46 Error trapping in plugins is failing
107 When to check for log-on when adding photos
124 Partial entries in database
130 Route planning to use towpath information
134 "src" lines clutter export
185 A "where am I" feature
201 Add at least one other map service
295 Reversing waterways
299 Locks don't reverse
315 Allow users to chose their prefered data and time formats
317 Outdated aliases
318 Add the universal edit button to relevant pages
319 Add boatyards and similar as a specific feature
320 Allow "show all" in placefinder
323 Look again at routes that start or end at a lock
326 Statistics PAge
330 Failed RPX login in inelegant
335 Add navigation authorities
348 Trying to merge 2 accounts but key not accepted
380 Itinerary Formatting Poor
403 Rate moorings produces unexpected result
405 Feeder entry
409 PDF formating - minor issues
412 PDF output in 2 columns
424 Mooring voting
430 Advertising policy
452 Section Titles in ( ) do not reverse when route is reversed
472 Waterway Map
476 Auto trip reminders
485 Separating European canals
498 Request for POIs in gazetteer
499 Questionable new contributions today.
546 User contributed information
548 Merge account not accepting key as valid
550 Would it be possible to show pubs passed on the planned route?
552 I have time lapse photo sequences of canal trips over the years, of any interest to CanalPlanAC?
558 Stoppages outside the date range appear
562 stray . in the url
574 Diesel refuelling points
594 Improvements to stoppage identification code
595 Improve wording on saved routes
596 Furthest Places
620 Definition of an Aqueduct
628 File structure adjustments
630 More interface tweaks for overnight stops
641 Can't get an overnight stop at bradley basin
649 Lock cottages as places ?
664 Historical pubs along the GJ Canal
680 Offline Android Version?
686 Failure to create an account
689 Objects not referred to correctly
690 Private Route saved not present on fresh login
696 Particular type places
698 Saving Planned Journeys and User page
710 Some Deeleys have white backgrounds and some have blue
713 Will not log me in automatically even after ticking the remember me box
727 Callbacks when upgrades are being run
728 Review deleted photos
763 Need to be able to archive off completely finished with discussions
796 POI option changes don't save
799 Inconsistency of distances when adding a new place
838 Error in Louth Navigation (was: No start and end points after creating a new waterway)
842 Options not saving
850 Need to update jstree
852 New message count is incorrect
867 Unable to log in
878 Conflicting Connections
883 Password reset
891 Format display for smartphone ('responsive')
893 Look at moving places around multiple marker places in one go
908 Suggestion for adding place
916 Upgrade "POI" and related information - stations, supermarkets, pubs etc
933 Discussion Deletions
948 User logged out when using Virtual Cruise Link
959 Scottish boat listings
960 Means of uploading/sharing POIS
971 Automatic purge of discussions
978 Can't zoom out of Google Map
992 New interactive map
995 Provide a key to the maps
998 User password retrieval not working
1012 Cannot edit data structures
1026 Overnight stop splits lock count incorrectly
1027 Photo Data Amendment Response
1039 Plan round trips by time available not mid point
1042 Canal virtual tours
1044 Include Remaining time/locks in CSV etc output