St. Clair River

The St. Clair River is a large river and is part of the Waterways of North America. It runs for 39.70 miles from St. Clair River (southern entrance) (where it joins Lake St. Clair) to St. Clair River (northern entrance) (where it joins Lake Huron (Western route) and Lake Huron (Eastern route)).

The exact dimensions of the largest boat that can travel on the waterway are not known. The maximum headroom is not known. The maximum draught is not known.


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St. Clair River (southern entrance)
St. Clair River (northern entrance)
Close to the city of Sarnia
39.70 miles 0 locks
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The St. Clair River (French: Rivière Sainte-Claire) is a 40.5-mile-long (65.2 km) river in central North America which drains Lake Huron into Lake St. Clair, forming part of the international boundary between the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of Michigan. The river is a significant component in the Great Lakes Waterway, with shipping channels permitting cargo vessels to travel between the upper and lower Great Lakes.

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