Canal du Loing

The Canal du Loing is a commercial waterway and is part of the Waterways of Mainland Europe. It runs for 48.68 kilometres through 20 locks from Seine - Loing Jonction (where it joins the River Seine - Upper Seine ) to Ecluse 36 de Buges (where it joins the Canal de Briare).

The maximum dimensions for a boat to be able to travel on the waterway are 39.10 metres long and 5.20 metres wide. The maximum headroom is 3.50 metres. The maximum draught is 1.80 metres.


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Seine - Loing Jonction
Junction of River Seine and Canal du Loing at Saint-Mammès
Pont rails SNCF de Saint-Mammes 1.15 kilometres 0 locks
Pont du Route de St-Mammes 1.83 kilometres 0 locks
Ecluse 19 Moret 1.86 kilometres 0 locks
Pont du D302 2.63 kilometres 1 lock
Ecluse 18 Bourgogne 2.66 kilometres 1 lock
Pont du D606
Route Nationale 6
3.14 kilometres 2 locks
Ecluse 17 Ecuelles 5.29 kilometres 2 locks
Pont du D148 8.20 kilometres 3 locks
Ecluse 16 Episy 8.22 kilometres 3 locks
Ecluse 15 Belleville 10.63 kilometres 4 locks
Pont du D58 11.24 kilometres 5 locks
Ecluse 14 Bordes 12.89 kilometres 5 locks
Pont du D40D 14.53 kilometres 6 locks
Ecluse 13 Fromonville
Stop Lock
16.51 kilometres 6 locks
Ecluse 12 Buttes 18.93 kilometres 7 locks
Pont de Route D607 19.64 kilometres 8 locks
Ecluse 11 Chaintreauville 21.32 kilometres 8 locks
Ecluse 10 Bagneaux 23.10 kilometres 9 locks
Ecluse 9 Beaumoulin 27.54 kilometres 10 locks
Pont de Rue du 21 Aout - D207 29.74 kilometres 11 locks
Pont du Rue de la Louvetiere 31.68 kilometres 11 locks
Ecluse 8 Egreville 31.70 kilometres 11 locks
Pont du Ecluse Neronville 32.80 kilometres 12 locks
Ecluse 7 Neronville 32.83 kilometres 12 locks
Pont du Autoroute de l'Arbre 33.77 kilometres 13 locks
Pont de Dordives 34.34 kilometres 13 locks
Pont au Toury 35.90 kilometres 13 locks
Ecluse 6 Brisebarre 37.58 kilometres 13 locks
Pont du Route de Fontenay sur Loing (D32) 38.35 kilometres 14 locks
Ecluse 5 Nargis 38.38 kilometres 14 locks
Ecluse 4 Retourne 39.78 kilometres 15 locks
Pont a Rue des Bois de Vaux 40.61 kilometres 16 locks
Ecluse 3 Montabon 42.86 kilometres 16 locks
Pont pres Ecluse Vallees 43.46 kilometres 17 locks
Ecluse 2 Vallees 43.69 kilometres 17 locks
Pont du Place Saint-Loup 46.33 kilometres 18 locks
Ecluse 1 Cepoy 46.42 kilometres 18 locks
Ecluse 36 de Buges 48.68 kilometres 20 locks
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Wikipedia has a page about Canal du Loing

The Canal du Loing is a 49.4 km long canal which connects the Seine (at Saint-Mammès) to the Briare Canal (near Montargis), in France. It runs through the Loiret and Seine-et-Marne departments.

Philippe II, Duke of Orléans sought letters patent to build the canal in 1720, and it was completed in 1723. 3815 barges passed through in 1752 alone. Lock 20 is disused today, leaving 19 locks.

The canal is lateral to the River Loing except in two places where the river is used as part of the canal. There is a total fall of about 37m.

The Canal du Loing is part of the Bourbonnais route from Saint-Mammès on the Seine to Chalon-sur-Saône on the Saône River.

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