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2019-06-25 14:48 BST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
 00006093   Feature Requestminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-06-23Editing on Android
 00006143   Route Planningminorresolved2019-06-18Rouen Invisible to Planner
 000060810   Data Maintenanceminorresolved (Stephen Atty)2019-06-14Navigational notes out of date for bridges 6 & 9 on the Leeds & Liverpool (Liverpool branch)
 00000013   Feature Requestfeatureresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-29Allow users to enter timings for sections of canal
 00003952   Feature Requestminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-29Add mooring rating suitable for places where mooring is for facilities only
 00004291   Internal Improvementsminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Replace rpx with forbidden (or banning!)
 00003882   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Mooring brief notes
 00004552   Route Planningminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Export route
 00005936   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Link from user photo page is wrong
 00005881   Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Waterway gazetteer map isn't interactive
 000025061 Bugminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Log changes such as reversal of locks into revision table and hence what's new and RSS
 00001361   Feature Requestminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Updates to changes log
 00003865   Generalminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Navigational Notes in Waterways
 00006001   Route Planningminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Entering "lere visitor moorings" doesn't work properly.
 00004688   Databaseminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28links from thumbnail to normal or large images go to wrong images
 00005942   Generalminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Offline processes seem to hang around
 000060341 Route Planningminorresolved (Nick Atty)2019-05-28Want to re-open Issue 0000599: 1-hour stop not calculated